Britt Lectures

2017 Britt Lectures - YouTube

Friday(2/17): “Christian Spirituality in the Early Church: Our Common Roots”
Saturday(2/18): “Western Spirituality: Its Latin Western, Protestant, Pietist Roots”
Sunday(2/19): “Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, Asian Spirituality: Wesleyan Spirituality in Fresh Forms”

 * 2017 Britt Lecturer: Dr. Loyd Allen holds the Sylvan Hills Chair of Baptist Heritage and is Professor of Church History and Spiritual Formation at Mercer University’s James and Carolyn McAfee School of Theology in Atlanta, GA. He earned the M.Div. (1978) and Ph.D. (1984) degrees at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Baptist heritage, Christian spirituality, and interfaith work are his main areas of interest. 

Dr. Allen’s spirituality interests appear in articles such as “Intentional Protestant Monastic Communities,” in One in Christ, “Thomas Merton and E. Glenn Hinson: The Aggiornamento of Spiritual Formation among Progressive Baptists,” in The Merton Seasonal, and “The Spirituality of Adoniram and Ann Judson” in Perspectives in Religious Studies. In interfaith work, upon being inducted into the MLK Jr. Collegium of Scholars at Morehouse College in 2015, Dr. Allen delivered a lecture titled “The Meeting of Saint and Sultan: The Symbolic Power for Peace in the Personal Encounter between Saint Francis of Assisi and Sultan Al-Kamil of Egypt.” In the spring of 2016, he taught Christian history at the Muslim Theology Department of Aligarh Muslim University in Aligarh, India. Off campus, Dr. Allen is a frequent faculty member for the Academy of Spiritual Formation and was the Executive Director of the W. H. Whitsitt Baptist Heritage Society for over a decade. He is also a spiritual director and regularly guides pilgrimages to Celtic lands and Israel.